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The century-old Evanston farmhouse was demolished to make way for development. Looking to save a few foundation bricks as keepsakes, Mark Evanston stumbled upon his great-grandfather’s long-lost gold cache, along with his great-grandfather’s monetary research.

After word spread about the gold discovery, U.S. Marshals soon arrived with a warrant to seize it, saying the great-grandfather failed to turn in his gold as commanded in 1933 by President Roosevelt.

Mark began studying his great-grandfather’s legal writings to compliment his own research to aid their defense.

When the U.S. Treasurer admitted the validity of Mark’s research during a deposition, prosecutors dropped the lawsuit & returned the family’s gold.

After announcement that the U.S. Treasurer was resigning for personal reasons, an investigative reporter began looking into the story.

Sinister parties took drastic action to prevent publication of Mark’s research, kidnapping him and blowing up his home.

With Mark’s abduction, the former treasurer who had spoke only intermittently with the reporter opened up and told her story. With his rescue, the reporter wrote a prize-winning story with a happy ending, bringing nationwide attention to Mark’s research.

One family’s loss of personal history helped America regain hers, clearing the path for the United States of America to again become the bright Beacon of Liberty in a world all too full of darkness and despair.

Read Bald Justice to discover how America’s fundamental principles have been turned upside-down for 150 years.

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Click Below to view Photographsof the personal Family History that Inspired the Bald Justice book series:

Early Photographs

Later Photographs (house demolition pictures)