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As these proud and once-prosperous United States of America continue in tragic decline, Mark Evanston leaps back into action in the third and final installment of the Bald Justice series, Bare Liberty.
Working with his colleagues at the Patriot Corps, Mark continues on with his Patriot Quest to eliminate government tyranny, once and for all.
Mark routs out evil where it lurks most prevalently, within our monetary system which was cleverly separated from the gold and silver coin which is otherwise required by our U.S. Constitution.
By understanding precisely how our government is able to ignore the Constitution with impunity, Mark soon devises his proposed cure, his Once and For All Amendment.
Bare Liberty provides the solid rationale for proposing and ratifying a new constitutional amendment in story form, to close the constitutional loophole which has always allowed government to act in all cases whatsoever, to act everywhere except where they are expressly prohibited from acting.
By Building Awareness of Republican Knowledge, the Patriot Corps is able to help Restore Our American Republic. By individually learning to B.A.R.K., collectively we may learn to R.O.A.R.

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