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Mark Evanston is back from Bald Justice, in its sequel Base Tyranny, again rigidly pursuing truth wherever it leads, in his quest for reclaiming liberty and justice, once and for all.

Investigating his fourth great-grandfather's 1871 murder, Mark fortuitously discovers his ancestor's research documenting the long-standing political feud between national banking proponents and hard money advocates.

When America established her Independent Treasury system under an August 6, 1846 act, hard money proponents clearly won the financial war under strict construction of the Constitution.

This 1846 sub-treasury system explicitly prohibited the U.S. government from depositing any public money in any bank — remarkably declaring any attempt felony embezzlement — and also forbade use of bank notes in payment of any public debts.

During this strict hard-money era, the U.S. government paid out expenses only in gold or silver coin, or, if individually acceptable to any given creditor, in government treasury notes.

Mark soon uncovers the bankers' desperate plot for Civil War to re-direct government beyond strict construction of the Constitution.

With war, paper currencies soon become legal tender for the first time under the Constitution and new national banking associations are allowed to form and soon become the fiscal agents of the United States.

Since a more complete paradigm shift of the U.S. financial and political structure could perhaps not have occurred between 1846 and 1863, Mark turned his undivided attention to this critical period.

Mark Evanston learns how scheming national banking proponents coupled Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton's 1791 opinion as to the constitutionality of the Bank of the United States with America's defense fortification system to deviously move government through Civil War towards base tyranny, to reinstate national banks to gain unfathomable wealth and power for the favored few.

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