DC Tractor Drive

On Election Day (Nov. 3), 2020, Matt Erickson plans on leaving Quincy, Washington in a John Deere tractor pulling a ~25' travel trailer. He will be taking a southerly route and travel ~4,000 miles during the winter to arrive in Washington, D.C. on or before March 3, 2021.

March 3, 2021 is the 200th Anniversary of the Cohens v. Virginia U.S. Supreme Court case, the case which Erickson asserts steered the country off-course.

The purpose of the DC Tractor drive is to raise awareness of the court decision so that it may be directly confronted. Accurately diagnosing the single political problem is absolutely necessary before the appropriate cure can be applied. Erickson calls that single political problem Americans face "The Peculiar Conundrum", which is the odd phenomenon of how members of Congress and federal officials are able to bypass their constitutional constraints, with impunity.

Erickson concentrates on the single sentence in the Cohens case in which Chief Justice John Marshall wrote: "The clause which gives exclusive legislation is, unquestionably, a part of the Constitution, and, as such, binds all the United States."

The Patriot Corps Petition asserts that this court ruling "effectively weaponizes the highly-unusual clause for the District of Columbia, allowing the virtually-unlimited discretion allowed therein to invade the Union and bind all the States."

Erickson doesn't dispute that the said "exclusive legislation clause"--Art. I, Sect. 8, Cl. 17--is "part of the Constitution". He even agrees with the court that Article VI, Cl. 2 clearly declares that "This Constitution" (which would include Art. I:8:17) is "the supreme Law of the Land" and even that "the supreme Law of the Land" necessarily binds the States.

In the 1821 opinion, Chief Justice John Marshall also says that "Those who contend that Acts of Congress, made in pursuance of this power, do not, like Acts made in pursuance of other powers, bind the nation, ought to SHOW some safe and clear rule which supports their contention."

While Erickson and the Patriot Corps agree with the court--that no safe and clearly-worded phrase or phrases of the Constitution CURRENTLY EXIST to clearly exempt from Art. VI, Cl. 2, the exclusive legislative clause--THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT WE CANNOT FINALLY MAKE ONE.

Matt Erickson seeks to encourage Congress to propose a Constitutional Amendment to exempt from Art. VI, Cl. 2, the said Art. I, Sect. 8, Cl. 17. Ratifying such an amendment wouldo keep the exclusive legislation laws enacted by Congress (that needn't follow normal constitutional restraints) from ever again "binding" all the States.

No local laws enacted by any State legislature ever "bind the Union", neither should the laws of Congress enacted under Art. I:8:17. Think of how much harm a State legislature could do if no State Constitution existed to guide and direct their action. Then imagine how much damage they could do if their omnipotent laws bound the rest of the States. Well, that is precisely what members of Congress have been doing now for 200 years. Indeed, no local, district, State or State-like Constitution exists in the District Seat to bind Congress when members enact exclusive legislation laws. And, this 1821 Supreme Court case ruled that even those laws "bind all the United States." That foundation of inherent discretion that is allowed Congress in D.C. is what lays at the root of 200 years of increasing federal tyranny.

If Congress does NOT willingly propose this "Once and For All" amendment to CONTAIN tyranny, Erickson recommends a Convention of States to propose a much harsher-acting "Happily-Ever-After" amendment, to REPEAL tyranny, entirely repealing said Clause 17 and retroceding D.C. back to Maryland in the process (or allowing the citizens thereof to form a new State [once the Constitution is restored, it doesn't matter if a new State with liberally-minded members of Congress joins the Union, for they and their brethren would thereafter also be prohibited from anything which isn't the strictest construction of the Constitution, exercising only enumerated powers using necessary and proper means]).

While the lighter-acting "Once and For All" amendment would CONTAIN the inherent discretion allowed in D.C. only to D.C., the harsher-acting "Happily-Ever-After" amendment to ELIMINATE D.C. would eliminate the existence of an alternate form of tyrannical jurisdiction over every square foot of American soil.

Erickson and the Patriot Corps invite Americans to sign the Patriot Corps Petition for a Redress of Grievances. While in D.C., Erickson will turn in to Congress the collected petition signatures.

The Patriot Corps Petition for a Redress of Grievances highlights the clever mechanism of constitutional bypass members of Congress and federal officials may use to bypass normal constitutional constraints and then it calls on members to propose a constitutional amendment to close shut the alternative route used to bypass the constraints of the Constitution by exploiting the highly unusual loophole that is the District Seat (D.C.).


Background Info. For further information on the mechanism of constitutional bypass, please see any of the public domain books and newsletters found at this website.



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