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From the Back Cover:

For increasing numbers of liberty-minded Americans, these
United States of America today stand uncomfortably close to the
perilous edge which descends into absolute tyranny.

But America needn't fall into that abyss; we must simply
understand precisely how government has creatively expanded beyond
the spirit of the Constitution to be able to pull her back within it.

Dollars and nonCents discloses how our money of gold and silver
coin was cunningly removed from circulation and deceptively
substituted with a destabilizing legal tender paper currency.

Understanding how the federal government acts in this particular
case allows us to understand how it acts "in all Cases whatsoever," in
all cases except where it is expressly prohibited, with a power which has
defied all attempts to limit it.

With this knowledge, a blueprint may then be formed to restore
liberty and justice once and for all, with limited government again
operating under strict construction of the whole Constitution.

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