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From the Back Cover:

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s gold confiscation of April 5, 1933 was tough on private citizens, but even tougher on coins. Confiscated gold coins, sacrificed in pits of fire, were melted and cast into gold bars to serve at the feet of their mortal enemy, paper currency.

Then, it was silver’s turn at the axe in 1965, as President Lyndon B. Johnson’s substituted silver with copper and nickel as would a common counterfeiter.

For another 50 years, gold and silver meekly accepted whatever came their way, a natural outgrowth of their age-old Supreme Mandate of “Non-Interference” with the human world.

But, thousands of years of principled monetary action may not be so easily extinguished, and once revived in spirit, spreads like wildfire.

With two historical gold coins helping lead the way, growing numbers of young commemorative and bullion coins began throwing caution to the wind, discarding the plastic shells they received as parting gifts from the mint, to go “Freewheeling.”

Daring to face the world without their protective gear, the young coins quickly realize they are individuals, all with their own hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. And, that is precisely when George—the 1999 $5 gold coin commemorating the country’s first human President—questions the conventional wisdom of precious metals’ age-old Mandate.

A great conference is called to answer his bold challenges.

Soon, a new mandate is ratified—“Principles first and always”—indirectly declaring war on precious metals’ opportunistic enemies—paper currency and base metal coins.

Fighting the War of Financial Integrity to redeem themselves, gold and silver coins help humanity throw off its own shackles, restoring fiscal sanity and individual freedom throughout the lost land of corrupted government.

Read Fighting Back against The Decree of ’33 and rediscover the freedom you incorrectly thought was lost forever.

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