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From the Back Cover:

While Patriots repeatedly complain that progressives ignore the
U.S. Constitution with impunity, The Patriot Quest shows in reality
that there is only strict construction of the Constitution, and those
who act contrary to the spirit of the Constitution are, surprisingly, the
ones who necessarily hold its letter up to its strictest terms.

To back up that claim, The Patriot Quest examines the precedentsetting
1871 Supreme Court case which first upheld paper currencies
as legal tender (despite earlier court rulings which upheld a legal tender
of only gold and silver coin).

Understanding how the federal government acts in this particular
case actually allows Patiots to understand how government acts "in all
Cases whatsoever” with arbitrary power which has defied all previous
attempts to limit it.

With the knowledge of how omnipotent government has been
successful to date, a blueprint may thankfully be formed to finally
Restore Our American Republic once and for all; to reclaim limited
government operating again under strict construction of the whole
Constitution, the likes of which America has not seen for 150 years.




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