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Early Pictures below

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Standing in front of original 1901 house (~ 1950)
Vinton Erickson (known in book novels as Vincent Evanston)
Matt Anderson (aka Mark Adamson, in books) [came to Vancouver in 1898]
Son-in-law Frank Erickson (aka Fred Evanston)
Daughter Ruth (Anderson) Erickson
Granddaughter Frances (Erickson) Aaron


1909 Land Patent
for 149.69 acres of land in Roseburg, OR
Matt Anderson bought land
directly out of the public domain


Matt Anderson's 1921 hospital receipt


Matt Anderson's RV
(in San Francisco)


Aerial view of Erickson Farms (1950, looking SW)


Vinton Erickson (1952)



1966 aerial view (looking NE)
1901 house at 3:00 position
, west side of NW 31st Ave.
Beside the single car garage to the south is Matt
Anderson's RV box for his truck, turned into a playhouse.
Barn (with corral) between the pointed roofed Storehouse and house is the first barn
built by Matt Anderson, in 1898 (he lived in loft while he built the home).
Barn at 8:00 position is South barn. Main bay was built on old prune drier foundation

which had burned down in the late 1920's.
Doug, Matt and Angie Erickson raised 4-H heifers in east wing.
Later a west wing was added, where Matt Erickson had first woodshop, in 8th Grade
North Barn wasn't yet built (was built north of South barn, west of where bus is parked)
The Shop lays on the north side of 106th Street near 31st Ave.; oldest portion has low roof
Home to north of shop was built by Marvin and Frances (Erickson) Aaron.



Playing at backside of 1901 house (~1970)
Doug Erickson (aka Daniel Evanston [in novels])

Matt Erickson (aka Mark Evanston)
and two neighbor boys


Aerial View of Erickson Farms (~1990, looking west)


Matt Erickson (1968)


Truckload of strawberry flats


Vinton Erickson (~1990)


Vinton Erickson (2003)



Pam Erickson (aka Penny Evanston) (2003)
Making caramel


Pam Erickson making chocolates (2003)


Erickson Farms (2003)



Erickson Farm Market (2006)
in old shop building; sign announcing closing sale


Vinton and Helen Erickson (2006)
(aka Vincent and Hannah Evanston)



Raspberry Harvester (~2006)


Vinton Erickson on dozer (~2006)


Vinton Erickson (~2006)


Vinton Erickson on Farmall Super 'A' (~2006)


JD8440, operated by Andy Warner
(aka Allen Wakefield; ~2006)


Crown Industries woodshop (2008)


Crown Industries woodshop (2008)


Crown Industries woodshop (2008)


Crown Industries woodshop (2008)
Ben Ballard (aka Blake Banning)
in black t-shirt, center-right
facing camera, with coffee cup


Crown Industries showroom (2008)


Matt Erickson's office at Crown Industries (2008)


Matt Erickson with Freedom Franks hot dog cart (2011)
wearing red, white & blue colonial patriot outfit
(for flag I could not fly in Leavenworth
[see "lawsuits" tab at])

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