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Demolition Pictures below


Original 1901 house with 1975 addition



Original 1901 house, with 1975 addition


Old Store House building


South Barn


Erickson Farms sign (2012)
Made by Matt Erickson in ~ 1989



Looking at Storehouse and 1901 house (2012)
from South Barn roof


Looking at South Barn, North Barn, Store House and Shop
from Matt and Doug's old loft bedroom window (2012)


Erickson family after eating last family meal in 1901 house (2012)


Excavator giving first push in 1901 house demoltion (June 30, 2012)


House demolition (2012)


House demolition--off-road truck (2012)


House demolition--stairwell (2012)


House demolition (2012)


House demolition (2012)
Doug and Matt's loft bedroom on third floor


House demolition (2012)
Hanging lights in Doug and Matt's old loft bedroom


House demolished (2012)


Erickson Family road sign (2012)
House fully demolished


Vinton Erickson (2012)
walking amoung excavation equipment


Vinton Erickson (2013)
at Erickson Farms' sign


Matt Anderson's (Vinton Erickson's maternal grandfather) retirement house (2012)
Matt and Pam Erickson's rented home
at time of writing Bald Justice and Base Tyranny


Frances (Erickson) Aaron's house she and Marvin Aaron built in the 1950's (photo in 2003)
(where Matt Erickson wrote Dollars and nonCents)

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