DC Tractor Drive

Why drive a tractor across the country?

Modern life is busy. Too many people seem to be too busy to slow down and examine important principles which underlie modern life. Driving a tractor 4,000 miles helps to nurture a questioning mindset, getting busy people to ask, “why would anyone drive a slow-moving tractor across the country?”

Driving a tractor across the country at 15 miles per hour is therefore about sending a message, to slow down, and take appropriate stock of our present ill-fated political course. Examining our present circumstances allows us to understand how we got here, so we may alter our path back to the straight and narrow course originally set by the whole of the U.S. Constitution.

On a more subtle level, driving a tractor across the country signifies agreement with Thomas Jefferson’s agrarian viewpoint toward the federal government, of limited federal powers, States fully exercising their reserved powers of their own accord, citizen-legislators, and hard money (gold and silver coin). Jefferson’s view was in decided opposition to Alexander Hamilton’s preference for a strong central government that was capable of dictating uniformity among powerless States even on nonessential matters, handing out political favors to a preferential class, while promoting self-serving banks and paper currency.

Driving a tractor across the county also helps call attention to the plight of farm families, struggling to survive an onslaught of excessive regulatory oversight, leading many family farms to their demise. Matt Erickson watched the family farm home of 114 years be torn down in 2012, to "plant" its final "crop" of houses and a small commercial development.

On a figurative level, pulling the plug on the massive D.C. swamp is going to take a great deal of pulling power—what better way to get that impressive pulling power there than by driving it and telling everyone along the way the intent of the trip?





Restoring Liberty and Justice, Once and For All