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The Political Year Strategy


From the Back Cover:

After decades of failing to reach his fellow conservatives, it was time for Will Hartline to try something radical enough to get noticed.

He decided to “help” his political adversaries advance their cause, but really only as a trap to expose their deceptive tactics to the bright light of day.

The “bait” he used for his Political Year Strategy was brilliantly simple — he merely called for Congress to change Election Day to February 29th.

Changing the date for elections to the only date that showed up once roughly every four calendar years, would create a new “Political Year” that could be used for federal elections and the length of elected federal terms. The “Political Year” would be defined as the interval of time until the date designated [for elections] again showed up on the calendar.

Suddenly, it would appear that American Presidents who serve a four-year term could now serve four “Political Years” (four leap years — 16 calendar years), while Representatives serving two [political] years would serve eight calendar years and Senators who serve six [political] years, 24 calendar years.

But, as his political adversaries sought implement his strategy — so they could extend their political terms four-fold — they wouldn’t notice that were simultaneously building Will the name recognition and political platform he had never been able to build himself.

And, once he found his new political voice, he would spring his trap, baited with the promise of extended political terms.

In the process of springing his trap, he would also expose the fallacy underlying 200 years of U.S. Supreme Court’s “reinterpreting” other words found in the Constitution, differently, to increase federal powers.

Read Trapped by Political Desire: The Treatise and learn how to throw off two centuries of federal oppression that is reliant upon redefined words and inherent federal discretion, so we may finally restore our American Republic, Once and For All and Happily-Ever-After.


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