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Two Hundred Years of Tyranny reveals the cunning mechanism U.S. Supreme Court justices used to transform the limited federal government model the Framers gave us, to the all-powerful government model Alexander Hamilton had sought at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, but didn’t get.

Chief Justice John Marshall began implementation of Hamilton’s devious conversion strategy in 1803 with Marbury v. Madison and advanced it with McCulloch v. Maryland, in 1819. But, it was Marshall’s obscure March 3, 1821 decision of Cohens v. Virginia that sealed America’s fate, when Marshall wrote:

“The clause which gives exclusive jurisdiction is, unquestionably, a part of the Constitution, and, as such, binds all the United States.”

And, with these magic 21 words, the inherent power Congress may legally use within the District of Columbia was allowed to escape District boundaries and bind the States, whenever Congress intended.

Two hundred years of increasingly-arbitrary and capricious actions later, federal servants now appear to be our political masters, turning America upside-down and inside out.

Read Two Hundred Years of Tyranny to learn how Hamilton and Marshall pulled off their political coup, how we may throw off tyranny, overturn Cohens and permanently restore our lost American Republic.

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